I truly believe that one of the keys to living a happy life is giving back. These are the charities my children and I support who are doing great work:

The Humour Foundation – www.clowndoctors.org.au

Our Big Kitchen – www.obk.org.au

My kids and I sponsor a child in Africa through

Plan Australia – http://www.plan.org.au/

I am also a girls’ champion – www.facebook.com/planaustralia

Room To Read – http://www.roomtoread.org

Cure for Life (Tony Lucas Research Grant) – http://tonylucasresearchgrant.com/

Bear Cottage – http://www.bearcottage.chw.edu.au/

Exodus Foundation – http://www.exodusfoundation.net

Sister Joan Evans Bangkok – http://www.sisterjoan.info/

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation – http://www.humpty.com.au/

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand – www.wfft.org/